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Discovery group

 I had a cool day with my friends. I got some brochers of places to go and check out from the info centre. At the New Tauranga library the people were nice and showed us around and showed us where to find the archives.

Disco Day

I had an awesome day dancing with my friends at our Wilrose Disco Day. We enjoyed a yummy hot lunch of pumpkin soup and fried bread. 

Jungle Discovery

 We went to The Crossing and discovered animals hiding in the jungle. I had my face painted like my favourite animal - a Hippo! What a fun morning! 

Dance Moves

 I learned some dance moves with my mates at Wilrose. We copied the dance moves from the tv. I’m pretty good at it! 

Discovery Group

 I am enjoying being part of the Discovery Group. We went out to visit a nursery and checked out all the cool fish that were there too.