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Fun Times At The Mount

 A group of us packed up our fishing gear and some chairs and headed over to Salisbury Wharf at Pilot Bay in the Mount. We were worried it would be raining but the weather gave us blue sky and sun! Unfortunately the sea didn't give us any fish this time but that's OK, we had a good time hanging out and enjoying the company and the view of Mighty Mount Maunganui! 

Beach fun and bbq

 I had a great time with my friends at the beach. We played some games and checked out the beachThen we had a yummy bbq.

Ten Pin Bowling

 I enjoyed going Ten Pin Bowling with my friends. 

Sports at Yatton Park

 I had lots of fun playing sports at Yatton Park. We played team race games, 3 legged races, sprints, egg and spoon races and sack races. 


 I tried out some geocaching today - you have to follow coordinates and clue to find some hidden treasure.